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空缺职务 Purchase 【我要应聘】
性    别 不限 年    龄 30-45岁
专    业 Unlimited 薪酬待遇 Interview
学    历 College degree or above 招聘人数 1
任职条件 1. College (inclusive) and above, major in procurement management, electronics, plastics, etc.
More than 2.5 years of procurement work experience, more than 3 years of experience in the same management position, and relevant positions in well-known domestic and foreign companies are preferred.
3. Comprehensively grasp the characteristics and nature of the materials needed for the company's production, know the supply situation in the market, and understand the company's internal management process.
4. According to the requirements of supply chain management objectives, establish and maintain a healthy and competitive supply resource base, develop qualified new suppliers, and lead supplier performance management; material procurement costs
空缺职务 Account manager (salesman) 【我要应聘】
性    别 不限 年    龄 20-38
专    业 Unlimited 薪酬待遇 Interview
学    历 College degree or above 招聘人数 10
任职条件 1. Have industry experience.
2. Have good communication skills.
3. Have the ability to independently develop customers.
Can accept high-quality marketing majors fresh graduates.
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