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Industry News

South Korea's shipbuilding industry is set to "Wang furnace" bake "tidal"

Time:2021/3/22 Posted:Dongguan Luhe Electronic Technology Co., Ltd.
As high Jae-ho after the New Year gathering at the meeting of the Korea Shipbuilders' Association said global the ships' green 'voices rising, the provisions of the International Maritime Organisation (IMO) ship energy conservation, environmental protection and safety of navigation in the development of standards, the introduction of , which will drive the market to the pro-environment, the demand for energy-efficient ship increasing. Green ship is on shipbuilding and shipping market 'darling', shipbuilding enterprises can take the initiative and to react positively to this change in the shipbuilding market, then, these changes will be shipping enterprises a good opportunity to seize the market, it will become boat enterprise competitiveness constitute new elements. He said that the Korean shipbuilding enterprises to maintain, over the years accumulated precipitation shipbuilding industry strength and shipbuilding technical force, on this basis, to own marine equipment and technology, to improve marine engineering design capability, improve marine equipment supporting materials, equipment localization rate, further consolidate the basis of marine equipment, shipping enterprises to comprehensively strengthen collaborative relationships and supporting small and medium-sized enterprises ".
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